Licensed Psychologist


You’re a smart, capable man who cares deeply about others. You have ambitions and enjoy success. But you need help balancing the demands of work and life, and navigating the challenges of relationships.

As a psychologist specializing in men’s mental health, this is my expertise.

I work with men who are ready to figure out their relationship patterns and make their personal lives as successful as their professional ones. Whether this is about your marriage, your family or your parenting, the skills you need at home are different from the office. I can get you there.


Client Specializations

  • PROFESSIONALS navigating stress, transitions and relationships

  • HIGH ACHIEVERS needing greater balance and connection

  • ENTREPRENEURS seeking an abundance mindset

  • ANALYTIC TYPES synthesizing logic and emotion

  • ANYONE struggling to create, receive and sustain intimacy


Focus Areas

  • RELATIONSHIPS - intimacy, sex, boundaries, communication

  • FAMILY - complicated childhoods, unresolved conflicts

  • PARENTING - overwhelm, boundaries and bonding, letting go

  • DEPRESSION - loneliness, sadness, shame, finding happiness

  • ANXIETY - unrest, needing to trust, creating calmness

  • CAREER - role changes, work/life balance, leadership styles

  • LOSS - separation, death, unresolved grief

  • IDENTITY - recapturing self, courage to be, shedding old ideas