Executive Coaching

for C-suite & senior leaders

Lead With Your Best Self

CEOs and senior leaders face a unique set of challenges. Whether it’s the isolation inherent in leading from the top, the need for candid and direct feedback, or the lack of time available for processing critical ideas, the role can be particularly strenuous.

As a result, top executives can benefit tremendously from close, long-term relationships with trusted professional advisors. Executive Coaching is a strategic investment in your leadership capacity, providing you with added clarity and fresh perspectives as you evaluate the best paths forward in your work and personal life.

The Coaching Process

My executive coaching process is defined by an action-oriented approach, thoughtful dialogue, and an emphasis on psychological insights that enable you to flourish as a leader. 

Our work will be a powerful exploration of who you are as a leader and person, and how you can become increasingly skillful in the complex world of human dynamics. To get there we will incorporate strategies from neuropsychology, depth psychology, organizational behavior, and the science of mindfulness.

The coaching process begins by identifying your specific needs and setting measurable outcome goals. Session by session, we’ll apply new insights that can foster tangible improvements in the quality of your engagements professionally and in life outside of work. 

Ongoing coaching sessions build upon these gains to shift self-defeating patterns, enhance your leadership presence, bolster your longterm stress resilience, and support your sustained personal and professional growth.

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My Executive Coaching Service Supports You To:

  • Enhance your executive presence and communication
  • Set clear goals for personal and professional impact
  • Understand and negotiate complex team dynamics
  • Resolve conflict skillfully and efficiently
  • Mitigate anxiety, disengagement, and burnout
  • Use your emotions effectively at work and at home
  • Develop a collaborative approach to influencing others
  • Manage the stress of legal situations, negative publicity, or organizational crises
  • Leverage your natural talents and values as a leader

A Trusted Advisor

For nearly 10 years, I have served as an advisor and confidant to CEOs on aspects of corporate and personal life that require bold feedback, accountability, and an independent viewpoint.

My clients include startup founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, healthcare executives, physician leaders, and heads of school.

I offer psychological insights into management styles, workplace dynamics, and organizational culture that leaders can apply every day.

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Executive Coaching includes 2-4 meetings per month, plus full email and phone support throughout our work together. Sessions are scheduled on the same day/time every 1-2 weeks. 

Available in my office or online. Book a free consultation to learn more: