Coaching Intensives

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Make Progress Quickly

Based on years of providing psychotherapy and Executive Coaching to high-functioning professionals, I’ve developed a one-time, 3.5 hour experience for clients who are ready to hit the ground running. I call this the Half-Day Coaching Intensive

This service is a synthesis of my best work as a clinician and executive coach, designed to explore the root causes of personal and professional challenges while charting practical, evidence-based pathways toward improvement. 

My Half-Day Coaching Intensive emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness, providing real traction for you to make progress on the issues in front of you.

Distinct in Form and Substance

Unlike traditional therapy or coaching engagements that can start slowly, the Coaching Intensive is a half-day, deep dive into your needs and goals. We’ll generate a psychological model to better understand your concerns, and define clear steps for addressing them. 

You will leave this customized experience with new clarity around how to meet your needs, useful insight about your situation, and a personalized action plan targeting the outcomes you’re hoping to achieve.

The time-limited nature of our engagement creates a high degree of focus and goal orientation that can be noticeably missing from more ambiguous models of psychotherapy and coaching.

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Designed to Help You:

  • Identify crucial patterns in how you relate to yourself and others
  • Clarify your deepest values and animating principles
  • Develop a working model of how your personal history informs your present-day challenges 
  • Learn new, concrete strategies for working through stuck points in your leadership and relationships
  • Leverage your strengths at work and at home
  • Increase your conscious use of self-management skills
  • Shift your mindset from a problem orientation to one of possibility, equanimity, and joy
  • Relate more authentically to yourself and others

The Details

Half-Day Coaching Intensives are scheduled from 9am-12:30pm ET on a weekday convenient to you. This time frame allows for three sequential working sessions balanced with intermittent breaks throughout. Coaching Intensives are available online and in my Asheville office.

If you’re looking to make progress quickly with your personal or professional growth, then call me today. We’ll talk about your situation and schedule your Coaching Intensive ASAP.